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I was a scientist working at a lab but it appeared to be one of my tests failed and created something that gave me Phobia, it was contained in a cell with the number of 1845.76 on it. This creature escaped the science lab and went to the forest, I was told to never say Phobia-76 18 times or this creature would hunt for you. Two of my friend died doing this. Well here is the beginning of the story, in the year of 2014 I was doing a project called "Project Septer", the 3rd day the test failed and the creature escaped from Cell 1845.76 and ran off with blood on the wall that said "Time to die, idiots". I called 911, the found the corpse but not the creature, 10 minutes later I saw it running in the forest but at that moment 911 left. I named this creature "Phobia-76" because the number was a part of it's cell and the word Phobia came from be looking at it and giving me Phobia. I saw this thing standing next to Slenderman, that made me more scared. My friends was yelling "Phobia-76" over and over again intill the 18th time, that time they got killed. I had enough of this creature, I was crying to tears, since I had nothing do to, I wanted to do suicide. I was so sad, I ran fast as possible to prevent this creature killing me, it appears I was caught. I died at that point, I know this story because I was reborn with my memory back again. I am never going to see that creature again.

-Alex, 0 years old